Case Study: Trinity New Life Church

Clayton-WebClayton Bell is the Lead Pastor of Trinity New Life Church in Tampa, Florida. When we launched TrainedUp, Clayton was one of the first pastors we approached to give the platform a test run. Being an early adopter, I knew he’d be curious and use it to the most of its ability.

That was a year ago. Since then, Clayton and his team have implemented TrainedUp in almost every ministry their church executes. I asked Clayton a few questions about their experience so far.

Scott from TrainedUp: Describe the challenges you had before you started using TrainedUp.

Clayton from TNLC: One of the hardest things for us was to try and train someone on their first day serving. This would leave us with two distracted volunteers: the newbie trying to learn, and the leader trying to train the new volunteer. TrainedUp allows the new volunteer to be trained before they serve, so they’re able to have a better first-time experience as a volunteer, and provide better experience to those they’re serving.

Scott: Explain briefly how your church is using TrainedUp.

ClaytonWe started using TrainedUp to bring our new volunteers up-to-speed before their first time serving, but we’ve expanded to use it for discipleship courses, leadership development courses, and training people on the culture of our church.

Scott: Explain why you’ve stuck with TrainedUp for almost a whole year now and what benefits you’re seeing in it.

ClaytonTwo massive changes in culture aren’t going away anytime soon- people want to consume content where they want, and when they want. TrainedUp allows to both time- and space-shift certain trainings, reducing the strain on our staff, leaders, and childcare workers. Now, we can focus on bringing people together for the most important meetings and fellowship times.

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