As a ministry leader, you have to be good at email. It’s just a fact of ministry life.

You send 1-to-1 emails, newsletters, reminders, event followups. So. Many. Emails. Email automation is the next step in the evolution of email communication and it’ll save you a TON of time communicating via email.

What is email automation?

Email automation lets you send emails to recipients based on their actions. For example, you could send a series of followup emails to a new church visitor or a welcome email to a new group member.

Actually, you’ve already interacted with emails sent from an automation workflow; probably thousands of them. Every time you make a purchase online and then receive an email receipt, that’s email automation. Every time you sign up for an event online and get a confirmation email, that’s email automation.

In fact, the vast majority of email in the world is sent from some type of automated workflow. It’s been around for a while. However, it’s only been a couple years that the technology to send these types of email has been available to us lowly non-developers.

Email Automation in Ministry

There are hundreds of ways to effectively use email automation in ministry. Of course, there are the obvious ones like sending a followup to a first-time giver. But what if you got smart about how you onboard new volunteers or help new believers grow in their faith? Huge potential!

I love to teach and when I heard from several ministry leaders that they’d never heard of email automation, I decided to build a master course for them…and you. This course covers everything you’ll need to master email automation in the context of ministry.

Check out the course at learn.trainedup.org and enroll for free today.


The course is 20 videos and quizzes covering everything from list building to workflow launch. You’ll get things like subject line etiquette and how to write emails that drive people to action. In all, the course takes about an hour to complete.

At the end you’ll walk away with three things:

  1. You’ll have all the knowledge you need to build your own automations.
  2. You’ll have a ready-to-use email workflow that you can plug into your email service provider (if they offer email automation).
  3. You’ll have a 6-step email followup series for new church visitors.

I believe this course is super high-value and that you’ll be more effective in ministry after you complete it. Give it a try and see if you don’t start seeing value immediately. I dare you.