Expect more than 1000 users but don’t need the Mega level support? Contact us for special pricing.

Need more help before signing up? You can schedule a personal demo.

Is there an advantage if I pay annually?

Yes, annual subscriptions get one month free. You’ll pay for 11 months instead of 12. For Professional subscriptions, you’ll also get one integration setup for free ($50 value).

What are active users?

An active user in your TrainedUp account is anyone who has logged in within the last 30 days. That includes both Leaders and Learners. A Leader is someone who is responsible for administering courses or leading webinars or creating content. A Learner is someone who enrolls in courses or attends webinars.

We understand that spikes in Learners will happen. Therefore, one-time spikes will not effect your next month’s bill. However, if you go over your active user limit for three months in a row, we will contact you and ask you to upgrade.

Is there a signup fee?

No. It’s free to sign up for an account. If you’d like your account customized to your brand or setup with special 3rd-party integrations, please get in touch. There is a $50 one-time fee for each integration setup, which is only available with the Professional subscription.

What does support look like?

We offer unlimited chat and email support for Beginner and Professional subscribers. The Mega option includes phone support and the CEO’s mobile number for emergencies as well as hands-on launch training and support.